Pro Staff

Jon-Michael Rull : Pro Staff Coordinator

Jon-Michael Rull

Pro Staff Coordinator

Fortville, Indiana

A dream was born one day in 2006 when Jon-Michael Rull started watching a TV show that showed retrievers picking up bumpers from an incredible distance and taking hand signals to get to a desired location. The show was Super Retriever Series and Jon-Michael knew he wanted to get a "dog that could do that!" Four years later he had trained (3x)GRHRCH Rull's Droppin' Ducks in Decoys MH and Deke had received a 16th, eighth and then fourth place finish in the SRS – and TV time. Since then he has trained over 20 dogs for hunting and hunt tests, teaching retrievers to achieve many titles and success in the field.

Raised in Danville, Illinois JM started bowhunting for deer when he was nine. Air Force active duty since 2000, Jon-Michael has been stationed in Idaho, Alaska, South Dakota, Illinois and currently Indiana. He has the opportunity to hunt lots of big game including moose, bear and caribou. His passion though is hunting with a well trained retriever for waterfowl. Now residing in the Indianapolis area with his wife, Amanda, he continues training retrievers on a smaller scale.

Jon-Michael has learned that quality, affordable equipment is key to a successful training environment. With this in mind, he accepted the opportunity to serve on the pro-staff for PRT Products. He has been very pleased with the workmanship of the products and they prove to be worth the investment, holding up extremely well in the field. He also proudly serves on the Avery Pro Staff.

Bo Brewer :

Bo Brewer

Ridgemark Retrievers, Inc.
Brookland, Arkansas

Bo began training dogs as an after school job in 1996 near his hometown of Stuttgart, Arkansas. He continued to train in Jonesboro, Arkansas, while attending Arkansas State University and obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Photo Journalism. In 2005, Bo started Ridgemark Retrievers, a full-time retriever training facility located near Jonesboro.

Bo is an avid duck hunter and continues to train retrievers for hunting and hunt testing. He also runs licensed UKC and AKC hunt tests and has titled numerous dogs at these events. Bo uses PRT products everyday while training and is proud to be part of the PRT pro-staff team.

Brett Copeland :

Brett Copeland

Webb Footed Kennel
Jonesboro, Arkansas

Growing up in Northeast Arkansas, Brett really had no choice but to be an outdoorsman. Starting out, deer hunting and rabbit hunting with his dad at a young age had him hooked and then Brett went on his first duck hunt when he was nine years old and rest has been history.

Brett landed a job as the young dog trainer at Webb Footed Kennel in 2008 and continues to work there today.

With 30+ dogs in training year round, high quality products is a must. Along with being a part of the PRT Prostaff, Brett also participates in Sportdog products as well.
Justin Jackson :

Justin Jackson

Texoma Retrievers
Geronimo, Oklahoma

Since he was a young boy Justin Jackson has been interested in the outdoors, going camping and to the lake with family. At age 11 he shot his first buck and turkey. Numerous hogs and turkeys later, Justin found another passion — waterfowl hunting. He was given his first Labrador retriever when he graduated high school and his interest in waterfowl hunting and retriever training became an obsession.

With eight years full-time retriever training experience, now as owner of Texoma Retrievers, LLC, Justin continues to push his goals upward. For the last six years he has also owned and operated Money Band Outfitters, a waterfowl guide service in southwest Oklahoma. In those eight years training, Justin trained and passed dogs in all levels in both UKC and AKC, including GRHRCHs and Master Hunters, as well as running Master National. He loves and enjoys retriever training and hopes to keep learning and making wonderful memories with his dogs!

Jeff Mann :

Jeff Mann

Fowlmaster Kennels
Luthersville, Georgia

Always an avid outdoorsman and dog lover, Jeff started duck hunting in 1995 and realized how great a retriever really could be. He trained several retrievers to be his hunting partner over those first several years. It very quickly became a passion that inspired Fowlmaster Kennels. The love for the outdoors and watching a dog do what it loves to do, what more could anyone ask for?

Jeff went to his first HRC hunt test in 2004 and was totally hooked! Jeff trained his own dogs and went to many hunt tests as an amateur before turning pro in 2008. Jeff has titled numerous dogs within HRC and AKC. He continues to focus on each dog’s potential with the understanding that each dog is different. Every day in the field training is an opportunity to see a dog excel and become the best that they can be.

Fowlmaster Kennels is located about 50 minutes south of Atlanta in Luthersville, Georgia. They built their second and larger facility during the winter of 2013.

Jimmy McMahan :

Jimmy McMahan

Sur-Shot Retrievers
Covington, Tennessee

Jimmy McMahan was born in 1954 to Mr. and Mrs. Milton McMahan in Covington, Tennessee. Jimmy has loved the sport of hunting since he was a small boy. His first dog was a sooner named Bruno. During the summer one could find Jimmy and Bruno fishing at local ponds, even the ones that had a “No Trespassing” sign posted. After graduating high school, Jimmy married his high school sweet heart, Kathy McIntyre. Together they have two grown children, April and Luke and a growing number of grandchildren.

In late 1973, Jimmy went to work at Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in Memphis, Tennessee and was there until 1982. After Firestone closed their doors, Jimmy worked construction and farmed and eventually went to work at Delfield Company in Covington, Tennessee in 1985. At Delfied, Jimmy worked the day shift which allowed him to train his Labrador retrievers in the afternoon. He began running hunt tests in 1988. Jimmy’s love of handling Labrador retrievers took him from Delfield Company to professional training in 2001.

In 2003, his Labrador, Ice, placed in the Super Retriever Series in Arkansas in which led him to participate in the Great Outdoor Games in Reno, Nevada. Jimmy has since trained multiple dogs and has earned multiple AKC and UKC titles. Jimmy is a member of his local West Tennessee Hunting Retriever Club. Jimmy can still be found fishing the local ponds and Kentucky Lake, just like he did when he was young. His love for Labs began at an early age and continues to this day.

Larry Noland :

Larry Noland

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Larry Noland, loves the outdoors and everything it has to offer and duck and goose hunting is where his love for the retriever came from. The heart and desire a retriever has is what motivates him the most to get the dog's full potential out of them in a competitive setting.

"I'm not a pro by any means but I am privileged to be able to train with some of the best out there," Noland said.

Larry has been playing the dog game for the last 8 years and runs AKC, UKC, SRS, and some field trials. He also has a kennel full of personal dogs of all ages and a wife that supports his desire to make their dogs the best they can be.

"I like to call it a hobby on steroids," Noland said.

Larry and his wife have one little boy and he has owned a lawn and landscaping business for the last 19 years.

Tyler Patterson :

Tyler Patterson

Sur-Shot Retrievers
Brighton, Tennessee

Tyler Patterson joined Sur-Shot Retrievers in May 2012, but Tyler’s dog journey did not begin at the age of 26; it began at the age of 8. For Tyler, dog training runs in the family, beginning with his grandfather in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Tyler’s grandfather ran fox hounds in field trials and his father is still running his beagles in trials today. From fox hounds to beagles, Tyler had just seen dog training lived out as a hobby. It was not until Tyler’s uncle introduced him to Andy Attar, that the passion for Labrador retrievers and full-time training was started.

At 13 years old, Tyler became the owner of his first Lab, Nettles. Under the mentorship of Paul Sletten and Kippy Kemp, Tyler learned the skill of training for competitions. Before he even had his drivers license, Tyler was driving to Southern Flight, West Tennessee and Hurricane Lake’s hunt tests. Soon Nettles achieved her Hunting Retriever Champion title and Tyler started his kennel, Maple Ridge Retrievers.

Tyler felt the call to join the military in 2006 and a month after high school graduation he joined the United States Marine Corps. He went on two tours to Iraq and then married Hailey Shelton, his high school sweetheart. In 2010, Tyler finished his four years with the Marine Corps and moved back home.

To get back into dog training, Tyler bought a puppy that he named Ollie and began to train other dogs, as well. Tyler fixed his eyes on training as a profession and soon after, God blessed him with an opportunity to partner with Jimmy McMahan and train full-time. Together, Tyler and Jimmy keep around 30 dogs in training and run UKC and AKC hunt tests. Tyler has trained numerous dogs and has earned multiple titles in AKC and UKC hunt tests. Tyler is the president of West Tennessee Hunting Retriever Club. He and his wife, Hailey currently live in Brighton, TN.

Tony Rotolo :

Tony Rotolo

Moonshine's Retriever
Ontario, Canada

Growing up in Ontario, Canada Tony was blessed with the great outdoors Ontario has to offer. As a youngster his passion was fishing and playing hockey. Unfortunately cancer got a hold of him at the age of 26. After his first year of recovery he had a different look on life and wanted to hunt...Tony's first hunt was a duck hunting. He was hooked from the moment he heard the sweet sound of whistling wings, to watching a Lab go out and do its thing in the morning marsh. In 2004, Tony bought his first hunting lab which led him to buy his second lab in 2006 and getting into retriever trials. "If cancer gave me the blessing to hunt, then my lab gave me the blessing of meeting a whole new group of friends south of the boarder," Tony said.

To date, Tony owns Moonshine's Retriever and competes in the HRC. He has passed a dog at every level in the HRC. He also owns the Canadian dog with the highest number of points in history and the most passes by a Canadian dog at the Grand. "My time in the field is crucial to the success of my dogs and PRT products allow me to achieve the full potential of my training day," Tony said.

Jeremy Thornton :

Jeremy Thornton

Bartonville, Illinois

Growing up along the history rich Illinois River Valley with decades full of waterfowl history, Jeremy has been an avid waterfowl hunter ever since the first bird back flapped down into the decoys, leaving him wondering if he was the one who even shot it! Jeremy spends as much time in the field as possible throughout the season and spends the off season in preparation for the next. Jeremy loves spending time in the outdoors, along with anything else hunting related. Jeremy loves sharing his passion and experience with others, especially youth hunters. He thinks the most important aspect of hunting is being able to pass it on. His favorite hunt of every year is the yearly youth hunt he hosts. Even with the realization he is not going to personally pull the trigger, Jeremy knows the memories made at these hunts last a lifetime.

When not in the field Jeremy can found at local outdoors shows throughout the Midwest, training dogs for AKC/UKC Hunt Tests and Hunting Season, Duck Unlimited Events, Delta Waterfowl Events, helping with youth outdoor events in his area, practicing on his calling, coaching his kids baseball, basketball, football, or softball, and if time allows trying to hit the water to catch some fish. He is fully supported by his wife Tina, son Hunter, daughter Addyson and his two Labradors Meco and HRCH Blaze.

Colby Williams :

Colby Williams

Mossy Pond Retrievers North 
Hodges, South Carolina

Colby, like most in this business, grew up with an unconditional love for the outdoors. Spending almost every spare minute he had growing up chasing some sort of wild game. Colby had the pleasure of being surrounded by quality hunting dogs as a kid through family and friends. As he got older his main obsession revolved around waterfowl hunting and it did not seem right to partake in without a four legged companion and that is where it all began.

In 2008, Colby bred one of his family labs, Ally, and kept a puppy out of the litter named "Sprig". What he did not know at that time was that Sprig would forever change his life. He moved off to college at Clemson University in the fall of 2008 with his new puppy "Sprig" and began reading every training book and watching every training DVD he could get his hands on. With every step in training that "Sprig" graduated from Colby always wanted more. He remembers going to a UKC hunt test for the first time and sitting in the gallery at the young age of 18 watching the "pros" walk to the line with dogs that could do things Colby never imagined was possible.

At that time Colby realized he wanted more out of this than just a good hunting dog. He wanted to play with the big boys. While still attending Clemson University Colby started training with some of the most accomplished trainers in the country during every free second out of class trading out labor for knowledge. By the time he was a senior in 2012 and about to graduate from Clemson with a bachelors degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and a reputation of a student who cared more about playing with dogs than he did his career he decided that maybe he should just turn his stereotyped reputation into a reality. The truth is, Colby really did care much more about the love of the retriever game than anything in his life and this was apparent to everyone. After graduation Colby took a job with Stephen Durrence at Taylor Farm Kennels as an assistant trainer and later moved on to apprentice under several other pros before going out on his own.

Colby, at the age of 24 in 2014, is the owner and head trainer at Mossy Pond Retrievers North located in Hodges, SC. He has recently built a new 6000 sq ft climate controlled facility where MPR North keeps over 30 dogs in training year round. MPR North specializes in building a gentleman's gun dog, competing in UKC hunt test, as well as AKC hunt test and field trials. The staff at MPR North strives themselves on excellence and providing their clients with a product that ALWAYS exceeds their investment. Colby's motto that he lives by is "hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work" which explains the success that he has had in two years of professional training with 5 Grand Passes, 3 Grand Hunting Retriever Champions, 7 Master National passes, 2 QAA dogs, and 3 consecutive qualifications for the Super Retriever Series Crown Championship.

Standing on the line competing against the best in the business and the ones he dreamed of being as a child is what pushes Colby day in and day out to be the best he can be. There is no denying that in order to work with a mindset of daylight to dark, seven days a week, Colby has to have the best equipment he can possibly get his hands on and thats why he relies on PRT Products.

"As a professional retriever trainer and competitor at heart, I can't afford to waste a single minute of the day due to the fact that a piece of equipment has failed myself or anyone on the staff at MPR North," Williams said. "With every minute down that's a minute that someone else is gaining and getting better which is intolerable in my world.  I don't care about fancy gadgets, pretty names, or prices...I care about products that NEVER LET ME DOWN which is why you will never see anything but PRT Products used in the field of training at MPR North."